About Laura Riqué

She has ridden from youngsters up to Grand Prix level, and travelled across the globe. Laura trained for 2 years at C.A.V.A. with Víctor Álvarez, and worked for 2 years at Arroba Ganaderia with Lauro Aguiló in Spain, 1 year with Marcel van der Burgh and 3 years with Lars Petersen in the United States. Recently, she spent 1 year working at VMF Stables in the Netherlands. Coming from an international family, Laura speaks 6 languages, English, German, Swiss German, Spanish, Danish and recently learned Dutch.

About this business

She has travelled the world and has been able to observe different riding cultures and meet different professionals. She has gained expertise in selecting horses and understanding the demand from different countries. After years of training and gathering knowledge, LR Sporthorses has now been created. Her philosophy is the correct training of the horse, good management and discipline in this sport. She is independent with horses of her own for sale, and she also offers selected horses from different owners for sale. Teaching students is her other passion.

It's about being open

A personal, open, honest and trustworthy approach in the sales process is for both Laura and the client the most important goal in buying a new Partner. She offers horses which she believes to be good sport horses for amateurs and/or professionals. She can guide and advise you throughout the process of buying the right horse.

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