Buy from video

  • Laura can help you to arrange a vetting and help with communication between the local and your own vet if required.
  • Transport. From the stable to your home. Laura has been working with different transportation services depending on where your horse has to travel.

        *No extra fees apart from comission are added for this service*

Plan a trip

  • Once she has all your personal details, date of arrival, specifications and budget she can organize a planned horse shopping trip with you.

If you don’t buy a horse through LR Sporthorses your expenses for this trip are

  • Yours and Laura’s hotel expenses
  • Petrol mileage (0.70 EUR per kilometer) excl. 21% tax
  • Daily fee of 200 EUR excl. 21% tax

You found a horse (not from LR Sporthorses) and you need an unbiased opinion with videos, photos and 100% reliable check?

  • No problem. Laura can drive there, view, ride and video the horse for you.
  • Daily fee of 250 EUR excl. 21% tax


To all horses not owned by LR Sporthorses will be added a 10% commission fee above the sales price of the horse. The expenses (hotel and mileage) written above will be deducted from the 10% (except daily fee)  once you bought the horse.

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